I recommend to all my clients to purchase numerous KONG’s. These durable chew toys will help with solving numerous issues such as barking ,digging and chewing inappropriate items.They also are a great tool in prevention of under stimulation, boredom and separation anxiety.

Most dogs need to learn to use a Kong.
Follow these steps to ensure your dog knows how to enjoy all the benefits of this popular toy.

1. Size for safety

It’s important to use the right size KONG so that your dog can have the safest, most enjoyable experience.
Not sure where to start on sizing? Check out the KONG User Guide.

2. Engage to ensure success

Get your dog excited about their new KONG. Show it off and talk about it excitedly; maybe even play a little hard-to-get to pique their interest and show them what their new toy can do.

3. Stuff to entice and extend playtime

Many dogs are motivated by food and KONG toys are perfect for stuffing with treats or kibble to keep dogs busy. The key is to stuff loosely so that the food will come out of the toy easily. To entice your dog, try using a little bit of peanut butter or their favorite treat in the KONG. Supervise your dog’s use of KONG toys until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision. Nothing is indestructible so frequently check the toy for cracks or missing pieces .

4. Freeze for greater challenge

Over time, your dog will learn how to get treats out of the KONG quickly. To increase the challenge, put together a mixture of wet and dry ingredients, stuff the KONG and freeze it. A frozen KONG heightens the experience by creating a long-lasting, mentally stimulating task. Wondering what to freeze in your dog’s KONG? Check the KONG webpage for recipe ideas    http://www.kongcompany.com/recipes/