Imagine your dog
behaving well..

Our professional trainers can help with group class options, day training services, and private coaching.

Imagine your dog behaving well. That may be hard to do if you’re dealing with problems that have you thinking only about behavior you want to stop!

Take that frustrating or unwanted behavior and transform it into the behavior you DO want your dog to do.

  • Jumping up becomes greeting visitors politely
  • Destructive behavior becomes playing with enrichment toys
  • Counter surfing becomes settling on a mat
  • Pulling on leash becomes polite loose leash walking

why choose us

Get results with the help of our team of certified dog trainers

When you choose a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - (Knowledge Assessed) you can be confident that you are working with a professional who has the knowledge and expertise to make your investment in dog training safe, effective, and fun! CPDTs have dog training skills as well as instructor skills to enhance the experience and success for you and your dog.


“My fiancé and I adopted Tilly earlier this year.  Our first session was completely remote, due to Covid, with Janice. She exemplified professionalism and a sound knowledge base.  We honestly felt that nothing was lost having to join remotely. We then continued our training with various instructors at the facility in Pembroke. We would notice the training paying dividends almost immediately. We have recommended PAWSitively Obedient to our friends and will continue to do so.  They are great!”

Tim Pilczak

“Karen has been working with our puppy Finnegan for 7 weeks and the results have been amazing. She is excellent at explaining the reasons behind certain behaviors and then detailing what we need to do to either shape or redirect the actions. I cannot say enough good things about Karen- she is an absolute joy to work with. Her love for dogs is evident and her behavioral knowledge and training methods are unmatched.”

Traci Lydon

“I cannot speak more highly of this training program! My Great Dane, Marty, took training classes with Janice. I remember the first class, I had many questions about ways to aid in walking – Marty is my fourth Dane and I had always used choke chains in training. It wasn’t easy but I was patient, followed all of Janice’s tips and tricks and now, at 9 months old and 150 pounds, Marty is only walked on a regular dog collar and is a perfect gentleman! He sits and waits for other dogs to walk by him on the sidewalk – the manners he learned in class amaze me. I am so proud of Marty, and nothing is better than a well-mannered dog. Follow the training, do the homework… I promise your hard work will pay off!”

Laura Strong

“Our dog Ella is quirky, smart and eager to learn and please but she can also be a little stubborn. She presented a few challenges along the way. The trainers at PAWSitively Obedient were there with us at every step and were always ready to offer another approach or idea to help us. We now have a wonderful and loving bond with Ella and the tools to work with her in any situation. We are constantly complimented on 17 month old Ella’s behavior everywhere she goes. We can’t thank PAWSitively Obedient enough!”

Lisa Rosen