Nose Work is a relatively new dog sport inspired by scent detection trainers and their desire to create an activity that encourages dogs to use their innate hunting and scenting abilities. Whatever the age and ability of your dog, or you, nose work is an engaging and fun activity! Designed by the founders to be all-inclusive for both people and dogs: Nose work is a great activity for confidence building. Your dog will learn to build independence and develop problem-solving skills by using their amazing, expert nose. For you, the handler, no special training is required. It is a low-impact sport. You can do nose work classes just for fun or to prepare for competition.

Introduction to K9NW Workshop

Cost: $40, Length: 1-hr

This 1-hr workshop is for those who are interested in learning about K9 Nose Work before joinging the full 6-week class. It can also be a great way to introduce your dog to the concept of nose work if you cannot commit to a 6 week class.


Sunday 12/31/2023 @ 12:00 PM
PAWSitively Obedient, Hanover – Maureen Dwyer KPA-CTP CNWI

Introduction to K9 Nose Work

Cost: $225, Length: 6 weeks

This class is your first step into the world of scent work and will showcase how your dog uses their incredible sense of smell to locate food hidden in a box. Nose Work will build confidence in your dog, while expending mental and physical energy too! This
is an opportunity for you to learn to read your dog’s body language and watch your dog have fun in this obedience-free zone! Working with boxes, builds the foundation that allows you and your dog to solve more complex search problems in the future.


Thursday 1/4/2024 @ 7:45 PM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke – Maureen Dwyer KPA-CTP CNWI