Before You Get Your Puppy

by noted behaviorist Dr Ian Dunbar

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Click for Joy!

by Melissa Alexander

Clear, easy-to-understand explanations of the science underlying clicker training * Glossary of clicker training terms and concepts * Easy-to-use cross-referencing and index Whether you are sorting out the principles and methods of clicking for yourself or need answers for your students, Click for Joy! is the source for facts and advice that you will turn to again and again.


Clicking with Your Dog

by Peggy Tillman

Whatever your level of training ability, you’re going to love this new clicker training book! Highly recommended by Karen Pryor, here’s the pet-friendly way to teach your dog good manners and great tricks – without punishment or force. Clicker training, a new method of animal training using positive reinforcement and a clicker, is easy for you and fun for your dog!


Parenting Your Dog

by Trish King

Analyzes each stage of a dog’s physical, mental, and emotional development in great detail; includes sections on puppyhood, adolescence, adulthood and aging, plus problem behavior. Sets forth numerous similarities between child parenting and dog parenting, with an emphasis on understanding the canine psyche and postitive, reward-based learning. Offers numerous tips and guidelines detailing how dogs can adjust to and become part of the family dynamic.

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Comfort Trainer Head Halter

Could you use some help controlling your dog? Our favorite Head Halter is called the Comfort Trainer Head Halter. The Comfort Trainer Head Halter was developed by Miriam Fields-Babineau /Training Unlimited Animal Training & Animal Actors, Inc. These collars fit over the dog’s muzzle and around his neck. They work like a halter on a horse – wherever the head goes, the body follows. These collars are very effective for dogs that are pulling and take little or no strength to be able to effectively walk the dog. Many dogs may initially be uncomfortable with this collar on, since it takes time getting used to. Dogs typically don’t wear things on their nose. Also, passers by may think the dog is wearing a muzzle (owners, of course, know better). A handout on “Acclimating your dog to a head halter” is available from PAWSitively Obedient. We also sell the Comfort Trainer at our training center and can help size your dog.