Movement and Obstacles


Movement and Obstacles is based of off “Movement Puzzles” designed by Mari Valgma. Mari is a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer. Movement Puzzles are exercises focusing on various elements of coordination training. By using a 2-bowl pattern game, we teach our dogs to move between cones and complete various obstacles independently. Obstacles include moving over cavaletti, platforms, tunnels, balance discs or paw targets, and more.

Movement puzzles have also been shown to help dogs boost confidence and build resiliency. This helps dogs who are stressed or anxious, feel a little more grounded and empowered in new and challenging situations!

Prerequisites: none.
Although there are no class prerequisites, it may be helpful to have participated in a group class prior to joining this class. Reactive dogs (dogs who bark or lunge at other dogs or people on leash) must have a relationship with us prior to joining this class and requires approval from the instructor. 

Movement & Obstacles - Introduction

Cost: $180, Length: 4 weeks

Movement & Obstacles - Continued!

Cost: $180, Length: 4 weeks

This is our continued Movement & Obstacles class that will start in FALL 2024!
Prerequisites: Movement & Obstacles - Introduction


Sunday 8/4/2024 @ 1:30 PM
PAWSitively Obedient, Hanover – Janice Gifford CPDT-KA

If you’re interested in learning more about Movement Puzzles – check out The Moving Canine Website –

You can also follow them on Instagram – @the.moving.canine