Do you have a “Reactive Rover” on leash?

Does your dog bark, lunge, vocalize, growl/snarl, pull, or just all around loose it when seeing other dogs and/or people on leash? Do you find it stressful or frustrating to walk your dog in fear of their out of control behavior? We can help. 


COST $199, LENGTH: 90 minutes

We have our reactive rover clients start with a consultation with either trainer Janice or Victoria. This is a 90-minute session where we go over your dog’s behavior concerns, your dog’s daily routine and needs, and your expectations of your dog. We will  discuss our training methods in detail and help you start to implement our training and behavior modification plan immediately. After our initial consultation, you would be eligable to participate in the Reactive Rover group class. Note: it may be recommended that you pursue additional private coaching/training with your dog in addition to the group class.  

Reactive Rover Group Class

Cost: $415 Length: 7 weeks
Upcoming Sessions:
Tuesday 10/24/2023 @ 6:45 PM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke

Our goal in reactive rover class is to help our clients become more comfortable with their dog’s behavior when on leash. We do this by:

  • Discussing and implenting active management skills, including Leslie McDevitt’s Pattern Games 
  • Introducing, practicing, and utlizing proactive handling techniques

  • Using reward-based training to introduce and reward for alternative behaviors
  • Using reward-based markers to help keep our dogs in their “think and learn” zones 

  • Introducing, practicing, and building upon Engage/Disengage and similar counter-conditioning exercises
  • Introducing, practicing, and building upon canine relaxation techniques 
  • Appropriate use of space in the classroom environment and discussing how to use space appropriately in the real world