The answer is to train your dog (pup) in short but numerous (at least 50) training sessions throughout the day. Each session can be only one to three seconds long at first and then increase as you practice and the dog becomes reliable with the behavior.

You should integrate the sessions throughout your day.  This will become surprisingly easy and enjoyable. Start by placing a post-it with a quick training note, such as sit/stay, near your coffee pot. Then as you reach for that cup of coffee first thing in the morning you will see the note and instruct your dog with a hand signal/verbal cue for sit/stay while you pour a cup of coffee.  If you have several cups in the morning you will have done several 3 to 10 second sit/stays with your dog.

After each one release the dog with the cue such as “FREE” (toss a treat away from you so he gets the association with the cue FREE)

Here’s a quick list of some lifestyle training sessions to help you get the idea:
Sit/Down Stay

  • Reading newspaper or book for each paragraph (or sentence if just starting)
  • Loading or unloading the dishwasher
  • Commercial breaks while watching TV
  • Reading your emails
  • Making the dog’s or your own meal
  • Exiting /Entering doorways (of your house or car)

By implementing this technique you will easily achieve your 50 training sessions with your dog without modifying your normal lifestyle.Pictures from the top…Down stay in the kitchen…Sit stay in your carDown stay outside…