I was fostering Maiden when I realized that she had a dog reactivity issue. I really wanted to adopt her, but became afraid that I would not be able to manage her around other dogs. I work in a dog-friendly office so I wanted Maiden to be able to come to work with me and get along with other dogs. I knew I needed help and started searching for the right trainer. I met with a couple of trainers who told me that Maiden needed to be dominated by me and negatively corrected. I had a gut feeling that was the wrong approach because Maiden so clearly had a lot of fear and I didn’t want to make things worse. Maiden was rescued from a war zone, so it’s not surprising that she’s insecure at times. When we found Karen we both loved her immediately and I knew that we were on the right path. Karen provides practical approaches to deal with real life situations, and coached me on everything from how to set up my office at work to minimize Maiden’s dog reactivity to how to get Maiden to enjoy being outside more. Through Karen’s training of Maiden (and mostly me!), Maiden’s attitude towards dogs has dramatically softened. Maiden gets praise and treats for not reacting to dogs, and is figuring out that calm is a better way to be. I didn’t have to work with Karen for very long at all before I realized that I could definitely manage Maiden’s reactivity issues. I’m happy and proud to say that we’ve adopted Maiden as a permanent member of our family. We have continued to work with Karen in individual sessions and in her group class “Reactive Rover,” and are so grateful for her insight and guidance.

Thank you, Karen! Daina & Maiden – May 2017

For anyone considering training for their puppy and wondering why they should participate, Summer’s Story is for you…

I have been interested in the sport of Rally Obedience for a long time now but never really knew where to start. I found myself intimated by all the rules and signs along with the lingo. But then I found Kara Firnrohr at Paws-itively Obedient ! She truly has a knack for the sport and was so patient with all three of us in Novice Rally Obedience class. She had a set week by week lesson plan but adjusted to fit the class needs. She was updated on all the rules and if she didn’t know something she did her best to research it and get back to us right away. Along with all of this she kept us laughing and having fun, which training your dog should be! I felt that by end of the classes I knew the sport just as much as she did. My dog, Pepper and I entered our first Rally competition on July 4, 2013 and I felt confident as I walked the course and competed with him. We walked away with our first qualifying score towards our Novice Rally title, all thanks to Kara making sure we were prepared! I suggest that anyone who is interested in the sport but doesn’t know where to start to take Kara’s Rally class at Paws-itively Obedient!

-Katie H. Weymouth MA and Pepper

We feel so fortunate to have Karen and Paula instructing us to teach our Cap how to be a good listener and a dog that people and dogs alike will be glad to spend time with. Cap has offered us a few challenges; however, Karen has a wonderful, “pawsitive” way of relating canine behaviors in people terms so that we understand each other. This communication has helped us immeasurably in training Cap and made breakthroughs we never thought would happen. Both Karen and Paula’s calm, caring, consistent, and inclusive ways are a gift to their clients. We have been dog owners for over 30 years and have finally found the perfect match. We’ll never go anywhere else and highly recommend this team for any dog training needs!!

– Adrianne and Bob with Cap Hanover 2016


Karen is truly a dog whisperer! Our active one year old Golden took an immediate liking to her as she coached us through a series of commands. She took the time to breakdown each command or desired behavior and each week we saw huge improvements in Striper’s recall and obedience. She was particularly helpful as we worked to prepare Striper for the arrival of a (human) baby brother. Would highly recommend Karen for any dog needs- from the basic commands to the more advanced behavioral adjustments!

– Corey C. Hingham 2015


Dear Karen,

I just wanted to tell you how much Jesse,Scott and I loved our Sunday morning class.(Intro to Agility)

Our dog has come so far along I can’t begin to tell you, and Kara (instructor) was great,we just loved her.

We really have a much better grasp of how to handle our dog, again thank Kara, and we would recommend this to anyone who needs help.

– Sandra and Scott D with “Jesse” 2014

Lulu is my 5th dog.  I strongly believe that a well-trained dog is a happy dog and that it is far easier to unconditionally love an obedient dog.   I observed classes at several dog schools before I decided where Lulu and I would train.  PAWS-itively Obedient was at the top of my list.  So, Lulu and I started in puppy kindergarten.  We had a great time with a great instructor Kara Firnrohr.  Classes were fun, filled with instruction with plenty of times for questions.  All of the training was based on positive reinforcement.   Kara was flexible in her approach and treated each student individually.  I was so pleased with the result of our Puppy Kindergarten that we the signed up for a second, PK II, a more challenging course.  Lulu and I again enjoyed our time learning and practicing. The third course, which was fun, was our introduction to agility.  There Lulu learned to jump over hurdles, through hoops and tunnels, climb ramps and weave around poles.  The dogs loved it.

I decided we would train for the AKC’s Rally Obedience competition, our fourth course.  By the time we had finished our classes I was positive that Lulu was up to the challenge. During September 2012 we attended our first Rally competition, the four day dog show on Cape Cod.  We needed to obtain three qualifying scores over the 4 days.  We did it.  What a thrill.  All of the time spent training was rewarded.

Perhaps the greatest reward was the bond that develops between master and dog as we trained together during our four courses at PAWS-itively Obedient.   You don’t have to take 4 courses as we did, but you must give you and your dog the opportunity to grow together.  I receive many compliments on Lulu’s behavior and poise from total strangers. I highly recommend PAWS-itively Obedient.  It is the best investment you can make for you, your dog and your relationship. I owe my success to Lulu and to PAWS-itively Obedient.

– Bill B from Plymouth

Meeting Karen and working with her was a very beneficial and pleasant experience for me.  We had a very good chemistry right from the start.I acquired a small feral dog that had been trapped, rescued and was in foster care for over two years.  He came to me with many issues that I had never encountered before.  He had fears, dislikes, distrusts, and many insecurities and didn’t really know how to deal with them without forcefully reacting.  He also didn’t know what was expected of him.  With Karen’s knowledge, methods, experience and patience she was able to guide me in dealing with all his problems.  Karen gave me the confidence to work with each problem as they surfaced and even suggested various equipment that could be beneficial to help with some of the problems, e.g. thunder shirts, sites on the Internet to view videos of similar situations, etc.  If I needed additional advice she was only a phone call or an e-mail away.

With patience, persistence and taking each day as they come I now have a little dog who is showing great improvements and is a very happy little dog.  He is willing to work with me and does what I ask of him because he wants very much to please.  We still take each day one at a time but I am willing to make and meet that commitment.  Too many dogs are mishandled, mistreated and misunderstood when in fact all they need is a little attention, trust and guidance.  I would highly recommend Karen and Paws-itively Obedient coaching methods.

– Jean and “Granger’ from Duxbury, MA

I just wanted to say thank you to you and Kara. We had such a great experience with your organization. We just finished Good Manners 1. Kara was excellent. She was understanding and so patient with us. We have learned so much from her and Walter has learned so much! He (we) have come so far over the course of our classes.

We look forward to taking more classes in the future.

Thank you guys for helping us, help Walter to be the awesome boy he is!

Walter, Andrew and Shannon

– Andrew and Shannon with Walter March 2014


Working with Dianne with Millenium and Vicki with Greta. Both dogs are rescues and came with some behavior around other dogs that needed some modifying. Dianne and Vicki have worked on attention exercises and basic obedience cues. Learning impulse control exercises gives Millennium and Greta other things to think about rather than worrying about the other dog(s) in the area.

After lots of practice and patience we have seen great improvement. Great job from two very dedicated people with some direction and coaching from PAWS-itively Obedient’s staff of instructors.

– Dianne M and Millenium and Vicki L with Greta 2013


Thank you, again Karen, for getting us started in the right direction with Keira and Louie. It was a pleasure spending time with you, and I already see a huge difference in Keira’s behavior. Looking forward to our next session! All the best!

– Piper R. Weymouth, MA


Karen and Curt have been amazing at training us!  When I contacted them I was sure our Collie, Moon, was the smartest one in the house and after 1 session with Curt and Karen he proved all of us right!   After 6 sessions he no longer walks me, barks less, comes on command, heels and to my husband’s delight is now staying when told.

– Jeanne F. Braintree,MA. and Moon

Karen is a fabulous trainer.  I have two large dogs and she really showed me how to work with them individually so I could start to handle them confidently together.  Thanks Karen!

– Betsy T. Duxbury,MA.

Karen and the folks at PAWS-itively Obedient are amazing.   We still get comments all the time about how well our dog listens and obeys.  We were given the tools to train our dog with positive reinforcement, and long after the courses were over Karen quickly responded to any emails we sent with questions.  These people know their stuff and are passionate about what they do- good hearts all around.

– Jim S. John P. and Scooter

I contacted Karen after having some aggression issues with my 5 month old bull terrier puppy, Kateryna. I was extremely worried because we also have 4 yr old and a 2 yr old boys who were at the root of her behavior.They are typical active little boys who didn’t grasp the idea of gentle with their new puppy.

After having in home sessions with Karen, Kateryna’s behavior has greatly improved.With our puppy, the aggression was stemming from her fear, not just of the boys but strangers as well. Karen’s training techniques were exactly what she needed to recondition her mind from negative fear to positive thoughts. I can now see our puppy as a member of our family and no longer a threat to my children. I greatly recommend Karen to any one who just needs basic puppy training as well as anyone with deeper doggy issues!

– Ginger K. from Hull

I trained at PAWS-itively Obedient with Kara Firnrohr and found the education to be invaluable in shaping improved outcomes in the behavior of my dogs.  Each of my dogs was individually assessed for training methods that were positive and fun.  Improved behavior was always achieved by using positive reinforcement for both the dog and owner.  This method also developed a trust and improved relationship between me and my dogs as well as allowed me to see improvement quickly from the training that was implemented in class, at home, and in the show ring.  By using this foundation at PAWS-itively Obedient, I was able to train and show my dogs throughout New England in obedience and breed handling with great results.

– Jane T. from Cohasset, MA.

Karen was excellent with training our dog and most importantly teaching us humans how to train our dogs!!! Emma has grown into a well behaved dog. She sits and waits to enter and exit the house, sits and waits to be fed, she is just a joy to be around because we have been taught how to train her to be a well behaved dog…. Karen has the knowledge. patience and in our opinion the magic touch when it comes to dog training!!! Karen taught how to train your dog to be the type of dog you love being around, a best friend, companion and family member.

– Kathy White

I would like to thank you profusely for the wonderful experience Max and I had in your course. I am most impressed by the positive reward based training that was not at all harsh and a lot of fun for both of us. thank you and I hope we will have the opportunity to work with you again.

– JoAnn McCullough

We are so grateful for all you have taught us- Harley owes his happy home (in many ways) to you.

– Nancy Holt

I enrolled my dog CoCo in the PAWS-itively Obedient course and I am pleased with the results. I have seen a great deal of improvement in the dog’s overall behavior and disposition. He has gone from a very timid skittish dog to a more affectionate, well behaved and enjoyable pet. Karen is the instructor and her techniques and teaching style are very effective, yet very simple-not overwhelming and not impossible to do. I would recommend her training course to anyone.

– Dan Babin

Karen’s Paws-tively Obedient training courses are great! As first-time puppy parents we would not have survived without Karen Lanoue-Lambrecht’s positive training courses. Our puppy, Morgan started Puppy Kindergarten at 11 weeks old and she learned all of the basic commands quickly, much faster than we learned how to be consistent and firm. Karen and her trainers straightened us out immediately with positive re-inforcement and praises, (just like the puppies receive). The classes are fun for people, children and dogs with lots of laughs and excitment. I highly recommend Karen’s group and private lessons. She provides thoughtful and positive training that is personal, effective, and proven. We had a private lesson this morning and our neighbors couldn’t believe Morgan’s same-day behavior improvements. There is absolutely nothing more enjoyable in the world than a happy and well-behaved puppy whom everyone is happy to see.

– Louanne and Mark James