Puppy Kindergarten I is perfect for puppies between 8 and 18 weeks.

Why Attend Puppy K ?

  • Maximize your puppy’s socialization and learning during their critical period of early development.
  • For healthy and safe socialization with people and other puppies.
  • For puppies to experience appropriate play with other puppies.
  • To establish the foundation for good behavior using positive reinforcement.
  • For guidance with elimination training, puppy nipping, chewing, and other puppy behaviors.

Puppy Kindergarten Level 1

Cost: $315 Length: 7 weeks

Puppies should be between 8-18 weeks of age at their first class.

** It is NORMAL for puppies to start class without being vaccinated for rabies. We just ask that when your puppy does get vaccinated you email us a copy of their certificate for our records. It is also normal, and recommended, that puppies start class BEFORE finishing their entire vaccination series.

Upcoming Sessions:

Monday 11/28/2022 at 7:45PM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke - Jackie Kelleher, CVT CPDT-KA

NO PUPPIES WEEK 1 – this is our HUMAN ONLY orientation!
Cost includes the following training supplies:

  • Front Connect Harness – The Freedom No Pull Harness OR Sense-ation Harness (depending on size)
  • Training Clicker
  • 4″ indoor drag line training leash
  • Treat apron
  • Orientation packet and supplemental information
  • and PAWS training manual PDF

An explanation of “manage and/or train” methods of dealing with your puppy’s problem behaviors such as play biting, chewing, and jumping up! We will demonstrate and assist in settle exercises (calm down exercises) as well as handling exercises (ears, paws, brushing) to aid in grooming. We will explain/show/teach attention exercises such as name game and the touch cue (hand target), and basic obedience cues such as sit, down, stand, look and off/wait. More complex behaviors such as come when called, loose leash walking and stay concepts are introduced.

Socialization exercises are included in each class as well as supervised, appropriate off-leash puppy play. During play time, we will point out/discuss dog communication signals (body and sound) and explain how some of these are “calming signals”. We will also discuss the do’s and don’t of appropriate socialization as it is most important at this age to have as many positive experiences as possible.

It is recommended to follow up with Puppy Kindergarten level 2. If you’re puppy is over 18 weeks, but you are looking for a level 1 class, please go to our Good Manners class page.


Puppy Kindergarten Level 2

Cost: $235 Length: 6 weeks

Continue your puppy's training with this level 2 class. Focus will be on loose leash walking, greeting management and training, stay work, come when called exercises, attention cues, and leave it.

Upcoming Sessions:

Wednesday 10/26/2022 @ 6:00 PM
PAWSitively Obedient, Hanover - Janice Gifford CPDT-KA

Saturday 11/12/2022 @ 9:30 AM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke - Victoria Montgomery CPDT-KA

Monday 11/14/2022 @ 6:30 PM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke - Jackie Kelleher CVT CPDT-KA


Puppy Happy Hours!

Cost: $35 Length: 1hr


It is so important for puppies to be exposed to other puppies in a safe and appropriate way. Our Puppy Happy Hours are designed to do just that. We provide playgroups based on size and playstyle when needed. Exposure to other people, novel, objects, and helping your puppy calm down and settle in between play sessions are all key aspects of happy hours. If your puppy is under 1 year old, and has been enrolled in a training program with us, you are able to attend Happy Hours. These are designed to help give you the skills to identify appropriate body language, and ability to know when your pup needs a break from play.

Upcoming Sessions:

Saturday 10/29/2022 @ 10:45 AM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke - Victoria Montgomery CPDT-KA

Saturday 11/5/2022 @ 10:45 AM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke - Janice Gifford CPDT-KA

Tuesday 11/8/2022 @ 6:00 PM
PAWSitively Obedient, Hanover - Victoria Montgomery CPDT-KA

Sunday 12/11/2022 @ 9:30 AM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke - Janice Gifford CPDT-KA

Saturday 12/17/2022 @ 10:45 AM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke - Victoria Montgomery CPDT-KA

Wednesday 12/21/2022 @ 6:30 PM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke - Kara Firnrohr CPDT-KA