A personal tutor for you and your dog!

Whether you have a new puppy wreaking not-always-adorable havoc, or would just enjoy a well-mannered dog, private dog training is an excellent option for those who need or would like a more individualized approach.

Individual Training/Private Coaching Options:

We will discuss the basics of positive reinforcement training, our manage and/or train philosophy, and begin working with you and your dog on some basic skills. Sessions are booked in advance. Individual sessions are booked for 1 hour. Price ranges from $145/hr at our training location OR $165/hr at your home.

Please view our online private training scheduler page here to reserve your first private session.

(Appointments booked online are tentative until a PAWS team member contacts you directly via email. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your private training appointment.)

Private Training Sessions done at your training location(s):

3 one hour sessions – $435

6 one hour sessions – $849

9 one hour sessions – $1249

Private Training Sessions done in the comfort of your own home:

3 one hour sessions – $465

6 one hour sessions – $899

9 one hour sessions – $1299

Would you like to meet your trainer and formalize a plan before setting up your initial session?
Set up a 30 minute training consult here!