A personal tutor for you and your dog!

We offer private dog training in your home, at our training space, and at local out and about locations in Pembroke, MA!
Whether you have a new puppy wreaking not-always-adorable havoc, or would just enjoy a well-mannered dog, private dog training is an excellent option for those who need or would like a more individualized approach.

Private Dog Training – Initial Session/Consult – 60 minutes – $155

We will discuss the basics of positive reinforcement training, our manage and/or train philosophy, and begin working with you and your dog on some basic skills. Sessions are booked in advance.  Email us at trainers@pawsitivelyobedient.com or call us at 781-837-1510 to schedule a session.

Please view our online private training scheduler page here to reserve your first private session,
(Appointments booked online are tentative until a PAWS team member contacts you directly via email or phone. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your private training appointment.)

OR email trainers@pawsitivelyobedient.com or call 781-837-1510 to discuss private training. 

After initial consult, if you wish to purchase sessions individually the price is $155/hr. Packages are available, which offer a discount on the hourly rate.

Private Puppy Primer Package (puppies 18 weeks and under) 

6 one hour sessions for $780 

9 one hour sessions for $1080 

Private Adolescent Manners Package (dogs over 18 weeks of age) 

6 one hour sessions $840

9 one hour sessions $1170