Group classes for dogs of all ages!

Good Manners Level 1

Cost: $315 Length: 7 weeks

IF your dog overreacts (barking, lunging towards, etc.) to other dogs on leash, you may be better suited for our Reactive Rover class (Scroll down to the bottom of the page!)

Upcoming Sessions:

Sunday 8/7/2022 @ 9:30 AM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke - Janice Gifford, CPDT-KA

Saturday 9/10/2022 @ 9:30 AM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare, Pembroke - Victoria Montgomery CPDT-KA

NO DOGS WEEK 1 – this is our HUMAN ONLY orientation!
Cost includes the following training supplies:

  • Front-Connect Harness – The Freedom No-Pull Harness or Sense-ation Harness (depending on size)
  • Training Clicker
  • 4″ indoor drag line training leash
  • Treat apron
  • Orientation packet and supplemental information
  • and PAWS training manual PDF

We will discuss our Tools for Success. Positive reinforcement and clicker training will be discussed, as well as our manage and/or train philosophy. We will also discuss problem behaviors jumping up, counter surfing, barking, and over-excitement (over-arousal.)

Training classes will cover and elaborate on “click for calm”, incompatible behaviors, attention work including name game and eye contact, basic cues like sit, down, stand, touch, stay and recall. More complex behaviors like mat work, loose leash walking, greeting behaviors and impulse control behaviors like wait or back off, and leave it are started.

After Good Manners 1 – we recommend helping your dog solidify their skills in continued training classes such as Good Manners 2!

Good Manners II

Cost: $229 Length: 6 weeks

This class is for graduates of GM 1 and PK 2 or in-home dog training. This 6 week good manners training class focuses on continued obedience training with higher levels of the three D’s of behavior (distance, duration, and distractions). Practice your greeting skills, both human--dog, and dog-dog, leash walking skills, come when called and stay exercises, as well as leave it practice!

Upcoming Sessions:

Monday 7/11/2022 @ 7:45 PM
SouthPaws Doggie Daycare - Victoria Montgomery CPDT-KA

Wednesday 9/7/2022 @ 6:00 PM
PAWSitively Obedient - Janice Gifford CPDT-KA

Curbing Adolescence

Cost: $249 Length: 6 weeks

Canine Good Citizen Prep!

Cost: $215 Length: 5 weeks

This class is for graduates of GM 2 and/or those wishing to pursue the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test! Each class will be spent reviewing and prepping for the test items. This class is also a great next class to do following Good Manners level 2. It will bring out leash walking skills, and attention around distractions to the next level! Those wishing to take the CGC test as an add on will need to be ready to do the 10 test items without the use of food!

Upcoming Sessions: check back soon

Social Outings

Cost: $35 Length: 1hr

Reactive Rover

Cost: $405 Length: 7 weeksWeek 1 is a Human ONLY Orientation class. Week 1 may run 60-90 minutes long. Dogs attend week 2-7, and each week will be 50-60 minutes.

Does the thought of taking your dog for a walk stress you out? Does your dog’s barking and lunging at other dogs cause you frustration and embarrassment? Our Reactive Rover: Foundations class will help give you the skills necessary to improve your dog's reactive behavior! This class is all on-leash, and focuses on building calm with dogs at a distance. All of our classes are kept supportive and safe, to help you learn skills and strategies needed when bringing your dog out in the real world!


Upcoming Sessions:

Tuesday 9/6/2022 @ 6:00 PM
PAWSitively Obedient - Janice Gifford CPDT-KA and Victoria Montgomery CPDT-KA