COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Updated 7/5/2021

In lieu of COVID-19, we are following recommendations by the CDC and restrictions put into place by Governor Baker. We ask that everyone respect and follow the safety protocol:

Update: The Department of Public Health issued a public health advisory effective May 29 that advises all unvaccinated residents to continue to wear masks in indoor settings and when they can’t socially distance.

  1. We will no longer require fully vaccinated people to wear masks.
  2. We ask that people respect and follow the recommendations of the CDC and Department of Public Health. We ask that those people who are not yet fully vaccinated, continue to wear masks when inside the building.
  3. We will continue to use separate entrances if two classes are being held at the same time. Please use your class entrance/exit that will be designated in your welcome email. This is to help minimize class crossover traffic.
  4. Practice social distancing and maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others whenever possible. Being dog owners, we are pretty good at judging 6 feet of distance – a normal dog leash is 6ft.

Missed Class Policy

If you need to miss a class, for any reason, you may reach out to your instructor to schedule an optional individual make up session – a 30 minute private session for an added fee of $35. This is not required. Your instructor can also catch you up at the next class. We do not recommend missing more than one class out of a session without adding in a make up session.

If your dog needs to miss a class but you are available, we recommend you come to class without your dog. This will give you a means to learn the information taught in class, and then go home and practice with your dog throughout the week.

Refund Policy

Most of our group classes typically fill. This means you are reserving a spot someone else could have taken. Therefore, we have a no refund policy for group classes after week 1. This means if you sign up for a group class, you must commit to the schedule. Group classes run for 6 or 7 weeks at the same day/time, and will only skip a week if there is an observed holiday, holiday break, or some other special circumstance on our end. You will be told about this in your welcome email and at the first class. If you are questing if a class will be held on a certain date before signing up, please email us at

Vaccination Policy

We follow the guidelines for socialization put out by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior – please view their statement here. Proof of vaccinations can be emailed to us at

We require the following for puppies (8-18 weeks) starting Puppy Kindergarten or Day Training School:

  • An exam with your veterinarian.
  • At least one vaccination for distemper and parvo virus 7 days prior to starting.
  • A fecal test result from your veterinarian’s office.
  • We recommend the Bordetella or kennel cough vaccination.
  • Staying up to date on their vaccination schedule as recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Proof of rabies can be submitted once completed. Note: it is normal for puppies to start school without this vaccination on board. It usually is not given until around 16 weeks of age.

We require the following for dogs (over 18 weeks of age) starting Good Manners classes:

  • Proof of distemper and parvo virus vaccination.
  • Proof of rabies vaccination.
  • We recommend the Bordetella or kennel cough vaccination.
  • A fecal test result within the last 6 months.