Tele-Training is a great option for all who want to improve upon their dog’s behavior while staying in the comfort of their own home.

We use the Zoom website or app for all Tele-Training.

Call us at 781-837-1510 or email us at 

  • This is a good option for the dog owner who:
    • needs to fine tune a behavior(s)
    • has specific questions that they need answers to
    • wants to focus on a specific behavior
    • have a common behavior problem such as house training, jumping up, or puppy mouthing
  • What will you need?
    • Access to a camera on a phone or computer (in an area where you and your dog can be in the camera view so your instructor can watch you practicing the exercises)
    • Your dog (on an indoor training leash)
    • You (prepared with whatever training equipment you may already use, and at least three different kinds of treats! (Treat pouch, training clicker, etc.)