Tele-Training Group

Open Enrollment PUPPY Class!
(For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months!)

Saturdays @ 3:30pm: 

  • This is a 6 session live online program with open enrollment.
  • Up to 6 dogs at a time.
  • Pricing $215.
  • What does this price include?
    • Video orientation and PDF – required to be watched/read before the first live session
    • 6 live online classes
    • Q&A during each live session
    • IAABC Puppy Curriculum – easy to follow PDF!
    • a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) as your instructor.
  • What does an online session/class look like?
    • Meet live via online as a group for 6 sessions/ an hour each session. (If you need to miss a class, you can access the class at a later time via email as it will be recorded.)
    • Each online session will cover a few behaviors that the instructor will demonstrate with a “demo dog” on camera. Students will be given a few minutes to practice for each exercise as a group. The instructor will observe each individual during practice and give feedback for each behavior introduced.
  • Behaviors that will be covered in this class include:
    • Puppy Zen (intro to wait or leave it)
    • Prompted and Unprompted Attention
    • Get it Game (Recall/Come)
    • Sit, Stand, Down
    • Greetings & Exploration
    • Exposure to Novel Stimuli
    • Eye Contact
    • Name Game
    • Touch or Target an Object
    • Loose Leash walking
    • Stealing & Object Exchanges
    • Puppy Body Handling: Tail/Hindquarters, Ears, Paws, Mouth  
  • Discussion topics will include jumping up, manage and/or train techniques, the Three D’s of training (duration, distance, and distraction).
  • Based on your practicing throughout the day, i.e. four 10 minute sessions, incorporating the training into your daily routine, and after the end of these 6 sessions – you would be prepared to then join a level 2 group class!
  • What will you need?
    • Access to a camera on a phone or computer (in an area where you and your dog can be in the camera view so your instructor can watch you practicing the exercises)
    • Your dog on their indoor training leash.
    • Yourself, prepared with at least three different kinds of treats.