Private Training Options


Our intent is always to balance, enhance and strengthen your relationship with your dog. We have over 25 years of hands on experience working with all types of pups,dogs and their families. 
Regardless of whether you have a new puppy, any age adult dog, rescue or a dog with serious behavior problems, we can help you with your dog.
Using positive reinforcement modification techniques, we will teach you to manage your dog safely while instructing you on how to replace the bad moments of behavior with good moments of behavior from your dog! We use a “what do you want your dog to do instead” approach to limit frustration for the dog AND owner.
We will explain, demonstrate, and give you experienced, humane techniques to start building  foundation behaviors for pups/dogs starting as early as 8 weeks of age.

Service Descriptions and Fees

Any of the training sessions can be scheduled at your home, out and about, remotely, or at the training center located at 275 Oak St in Pembroke.

Initial Training Session/Consult – 90 minutes – $215

All initial training sessions are booked as 90 minutes and the cost is $215. We will spend some time going over the basics of positive reinforcement training, discuss our manage and/or train philosophy, and start rewarding for good behavior!

Initial training sessions/consults can be booked online by clicking here:

click here to schedule an initial training consult

OR you can email us at
OR call us at 781-837-1510.

Appointments booked online are tentative until a PAWS team member contacts you directly via email or phone. Availability books up fast and usually books at least two-three weeks ahead of time.

**Please note: if you are looking to work on behavior like: aggression (growling, snapping,biting) people, other dogs or animals; over-arousal reactivity (barking, lunging on leash); destructive behaviors (chewing, digging, etc.); shy or fearful behaviors (cowering, hiding, growling); or resource guarding issues (stiff posturing, growling over food bowl, furniture, or other items) you will need to check out our Behavior Consult and Evaluation Page for intake form and pricing!

After initial consult, packages are available which offer a discount on the hourly rate. They must be purchased within 14 days of your initial consult. Prices below fall into two categories: Puppy Primer Packages for puppies 18 weeks and under at the time of purchase, and Adolescent Training Packages for dogs over 18 weeks at the time of purchase.

Private Puppy Primer Packages
(puppies 18 weeks and under)

3 one hour sessions  $435 

6 one hour sessions  $780

9 one hour sessions $1080

If you wish to purchase sessions individually the price is $155/hr, $35/15 min additional over the hour.   

 Private Adolescent Training Packages
(Dogs over 18 weeks)

3 one hour sessions $435

6 one hour sessions $840

9 one hour sessions $1170

If you wish to purchase sessions individually the price is  $155/hr, $35/15 min additional over the hour.

Cancellation and rescheduling policy for all private appointments:

A $50 charge will be incurred for all cancelled appointments without 24-hour notice.