Tele-Training Private Options

Private Tele-Training  Options through Zoom

This a great option for the dog owner who is in need of instruction but 

  •  may not be able to attend group class
  • prefers individual training
  • needs additional training support or a refresher
  • does not live near or within our geographical area

30 minute sessions – $85
60 minute sessions – $155 

Packages:   three one hour sessions $435   

             six one hour sessions $840

To purchase and book your sessions please email us at or call 781-837-1510

  • Meet with certified trainer via Zoom to discuss and map out a training plan specific for your dog.
  • Follow up will be given via e-mailed handouts and video instruction.
  • Let us focus on teaching WANTED behavior(s) 
  • Learn to redirect and replace UNWANTED behavior(s)
  • We can work on calming exercises, attention  and basic obedience behaviors
  • verbal and hand signals cues, such as but not limited to: 
    • sit, down, stand
    • stay
    • recall (come when called)
    • loose-leash walking and greeting behaviors
  • An explanation of how to solve problem behaviors such as jumping up, chewing, barking, etc. 

            If you have questions or would like to purchase and book your sessions please email us at  or call 781-837-1510

                                          Prepayment is required

  • No aggression issues – please call Karen directly at 617-413-1510 to set up remote consult. Aggression issues include resource guarding, fearful behaviors involving growling or biting, dog-dog reactivity and dog-human aggression.