Tele-Training Private Options

Tele-Training Private Options through Zoom

30 minute sessions – $59
60 minute sessions – $109 (Can be broken up into two 30 minute sessions.)

  • Meet with certified trainer via Zoom to discuss and map out a training plan specific for your dog.
  • Follow up will be given via e-mailed handouts and video instruction.
  • No aggression issues – please call Karen directly at 617-413-1510 to set up remote consult. Aggression issues include resource guarding, fearful behaviors involving growling or biting, dog-dog reactivity and dog-human aggression.

Package – six one hour sessions $649

This package is 6 hours of time.  

  • This is a great beginner obedience package.
  • We will focus on how to teach WANTED behavior(s) and redirect or ignore UNWANTED behavior(s)!
  • We will work on calming behaviors, attention work and basic obedience cues, verbal and hand signals, such as but not limited to: 
    • sit, down, stand
    • stay
    • recall (come when called)
    • loose-leash walking and greeting behaviors
  • An explanation of how to solve problem behaviors such as jumping up, chewing, barking, etc. can be covered.
  • This is a great option for the dog owner who is in need of beginner obedience work but doesn’t want to do a group class and prefers individual training.

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Once you have purchased your training option, you will be contacted to schedule your training sessions.
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