Puppy Day Training

Please email us at trainers@pawsitivelyobedient.com or
call 781-837-1510 to schedule day training!

Offered for puppies under 20 weeks of age!

Sessions are held Wednesdays and Fridays.

Sessions are booked for two hours.

Pick up and drop off can be arranged for an additional charge.

Registration is required in advance!

Puppy Day Training Bundle – $289 – three day training sessions, plus our training supplies – Freedom No Pull Harness, Training Clicker, Treat Apron, Sample of High Value Treats, and our training drag line leash.

This bundle is good for those who would like to get some basics on board with their puppy but cannot commit to a group class just yet, or if a group class is full. 

Already enrolled in Puppy Kindergarten, but think your puppy could use some practice from us? Sign up for some puppy day training as an individual session:

$95 for one session/week

$170 for both sessions/week

  • This is your puppy socialization AND training option. We will provide safe and appropriate socialization (to people, other dogs, novel environments, objects, etc.), training exercises, crate rest, and new  activities over the course of two hours.
  • This is a great opportunity for pups to start before or even during a group class! Training and socialization is so important and can start as early as 9 weeks, but should continue well past 16 weeks of age.
  • You’ll receive emailed training handouts and access to video clips of the training behaviors that are generally worked on in this program.
    • Some of those behaviors may include: attention behaviors like name response and a hand target or touch cue, jumping up management – sit and the off cue, go to place/mat, working towards lay down with duration, and loose leash walking. 
  • You are expected to work with your puppy based on the training handouts and videos for at least 2-3 short training sessions per day for the best results. We work to get the behaviors on board, you are then expected to continue to reinforce them.
  • Supplies needed for day training: a bag packed with lunch, two different kinds of treats, stuffed KONG or other appropriate chew toy for crate time, and a “mat” for their go to mat/place behavior.
  • Email vaccine history to trainers@pawsitivelyobedient.com prior to the first day. First distemper vaccination required, as well as fecal test.
  • Training contract will be sent via Hello Sign and must be completed prior to the first day.
  • Payment will be done online through our website, after registration.