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Good Manners Level II $175

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Good Manners Level II $175

GM Level II class is for 5 weeks an hour each week. Cost is $175.
No dog or people aggressive dogs allowed.   This class is for owners and their dogs that have completed Good Manners I or Puppy KII and wish to continue to practice or need help from an instructor. Those who have completed private sessions with any of our trainers can also brush up on skills.We will take what you have learned in previous classes and instruct you in how to incorporate higher levels of difficulty to the 3 D's (duration, distance, distraction) to such exercises as heel, greeting other dog owners, out of sight down/stay, recall/come, etc.The instructor may also choose to introduce agility obstacles and jumps to incorporate with basic obedience practice. The added challenge and fun for dogs (and owners) will bring a whole new level of excitement to the basic obedience they have already learned. The instructor will work with a dog/handler on 1 or 2 techniques and then allow that handler/dog team to practice. The instructor will then move to the next handler/dog team and help them, and so forth.

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