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Canine Neurobics

Neurobics is defined as mental exercises designed to create new neural pathways in the brain by using the senses in unconventional ways. Canine neurobics is a science-based curriculum to provide sensory stimulation for dogs in an attempt to improve brain health. The exercises in this curriculum provide an outlet for dogs that experience anxiety, struggle with impulse control, or present an energy level that calms with focus and new learning. This group class is for dogs that need a little something more than the typical obedience training class.

The class curriculum is based on neuroscience and utilizes multiple senses to improve learning. Exercises based on sentient learning and cognition were introduced in each class. There will be a number of exercises each week, all embracing a specific theme. Multiple activities are introduced in each class, and exercises were repeated for three trials.

This class is 5 weeks, an hour each week.. Must have completed at least Puppy Kindergarten level 1 or Good Manners level 1. Minimum of three dogs. Maximum of five dogs.

Each week we will work on specific sensory stimulation:
Week 1: Tactile learning - activities that encourage touch of the dog's body.
Week 2: Visual learning
Week 3: Olfactory and Auditory learning
Week 4: Gustatory learning
Week 5: Cognitive learning - activities that encourage problem solving!

For more information, please see: Canine Neurobics Curriculum

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