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Good Manners Level I - 8 wks $219

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Good Manners Level I - 8 wks $219

Good Manners I Class is 8 weeks one hour each week.  
First class no dogs.
IF your dog OVER REACTS to strangers and or other dogs then you will be better served calling to schedule private sessions first then once you and your dog have basic foundation skills you can registeri for our Over Reactive Rover Dog classes.
Check calendar for availability. 

If you are unsure which class is appropriate please call 781-837-1510 to schedule a 20 minute evaluation ,the fee is $35.

The first class is to discuss our Tools for Success.
Vaccine history must be presented at time of first class.(Distemper/Rabies)
Each owner will be given a Instruction Manual, 
clicker (use is optional) and treat pouch. 

We will demonstrate the types of training aids we recommend you use which are the Comfort Trainer head halter by Miriam Fields Babineau
and the Freedom Harness.
 If you wish to purchase -Sizing and instruction can be done at week 2, so let your instructor know after class week one if you wish to have your dog sized for a particular training aid.
Attention/look exercises will be explained and demonstrated as you will be working on these core exercises at home before you come into class week 2.
The next several classes will include instruction on body blocking, targeting, teaching incompatible behaviors as well as discussion on the 3 Ds (duration, distance, distraction). This will assist with your dog and learning impulse control.
Stay, recall/come and loose-leash walking will be explained, demonstrated and we will assist each owner with learning these skills with their dog.         

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