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Reactive Rover Level I $275 6 weeks

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Reactive Rover Level I $275 6 weeks

Requirements : 4  private sessions (1st is 90 minutes-subsequent 60 min) before inclusion in a reactive rover class. The fee is $575

Registration deposit $50.00 at time of registration
$50 deposit is refundable if notice  is given 7 days prior to start date.

Reactive Rover Level I 
is a course designed to help owners with reactive dogs (dogs that react negatively to other dogs and/or people exhibiting behaviors such as growling, barking, lunging, shaking, or shutting down in the presence of such stimuli) learn better management and handling skills based on Emma Parson's highly acclaimed book,
"Click to Calm; Healing the Aggressive Dog."

The course is also intended to help re-condition the dogs response to stimuli to help create a positive association through scientifically-proven clicker training methods.  Because of the sensitive nature of this course  everyone is required to strictly adhere to a safety protocol.

Each class your dogs must be able to stay in your car for a short period of time as the owners will come in first and have a brief discussion with the instructor  and then we plan our entrance to the training area.  You can bring another handler to help you. I recommend you purchase a bait/treat bag. I recommend Pet Safe Bait Bag available on Amazon or at our training location.
4 or 6 foot 5/8 inch wide leash , a Comfort Trainer head halter or halti or gentle leader - a no pull harness such as the  Freedom Harness may also be needed or required.

Contact Karen at karen@pawsitivelyobedient.com or 617-413-1510 

If your dog has a bite history (dog or people) you will be required to have a bite history questionnaire form filled out and a private in home session evaluation prior to being able to attend Reactive Rover class. 


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