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Puppy Kindergarten Level 1 - 6 weeks, $199

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Puppy Kindergarten Level 1 - 6 weeks, $199

Age at start of class should be between 9-16 weeks.
Exceptions can be made at instructors discretion based on breed, size, and personality of puppy.

This class is 6 weeks, pups attend all weeks. Class is an hour per week. Cost is $199. 

*This condensed class is best suited for people who have previously owned dogs, or currently have another dog(s), NOT first time dog owners. Exceptions can be made, however.* 

Minimum vaccination requirements as of week 1 of this class: 1st Dhpp (distemper / parvo), a bordetella (kennel cough) is recommended but not required; rabies vaccine is given at 12 weeks or older.

This class is for owners to get a lesson in DOGOLOGY (our own term).

Weeks 1-6 will cover all your puppy management needs, including house-training and crate training tips. We will discuss play biting and demonstrate bite inhibition training and settle exercises. An explanation of "manage and/or train" methods of dealing with your puppy's first 18 months will help to solve problem behaviors such as jumping up, chewing, barking, house soiling, etc. Leashes, training equipment (the use of the Freedom No-Pull harness is highly recommended to help manage your puppy's pulling on leash), indoor tethers, KONG toys and rewards will be discussed. Each owner will be given an Instruction Manual or Syllabus week 1 as well as a training clicker (use is optional but highly recommended!)

We will explain/demonstrate/instruct attention exercises, name game, and basic obedience cues such as sit, down, stand, look and off. More complex behaviors such as come when called, loose leash walking and stay are introduced.

Socialization exercises are included in each class as well as supervised, appropriate off-leash puppy play. During play time, we will point out/discuss dog communication signals (body and sound) and hoe some of these are "calming signals". We will also discuss the do's and don't of appropriate socialization as it is most important at this age to have as many positive experiences as possible.

This is the beginning of puppy socialization and training for your pup. It is recommended to follow up with Puppy Kindergarten level 2.

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