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  • This is a special 2 week workshop for you and your dog to work on come when called. One hour each week.
  • NO reactive or aggressive dogs allowed. 
  • 16 wks and older pup/dog are welcome. 
  • Class is limited to 5
  • Must have proof of rabies. Bring to first class. 
  • Bring at least 150 small super delicious food rewards in pea size pieces (bring more than 1 type of food i.e.- freeze dried liver, cheese, chicken, hot dogs).
  • It may be helpful to NOT feed your dog its full breakfast before class. 
  • Your pup can wear either a flat collar or body harness. NO pinch/prong or choke collars allowed. 
  • Bring your pup on a 6ft cotton or nylon leash. NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES ALLOWED. 
  • We will use a 15-30 ft long line leash in class to build our distance. It is recommended, but not necessary, for you to purchase one to use for training practice at home. We sell them at Paws-itively Obedient.

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