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Puppy Kindergarten Level 2, 5 weeks, $175

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Puppy Kindergarten Level 2, 5 weeks, $175

This class is for puppies under 8 months of age and have completed private in home sessions or have attended an approved PK level I class.
One hour each week x 5 weeks. Cost is $175.
Join this class to continue improving on the skills you learned in Puppy K level I and add more. Here you and your pup will fine tune and get consistent reliability with:
  1. Attention during distractions
  2. Greater duration of behaviors
  3. Loose leash walking (using target training)
  4. Greeting behaviors (in the home and on-leash)
  5. Come (recall exercises)
  6. Leave it
  7. Stay exercises
It is recommended to continue your puppy's training with Good Manners level 2 after completely Puppy Kindergarten level 1 and 2.

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