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CGC Prep 6 wks $180

 Canine Good Citizen Prep Class
This class is for those who have completed an obedience class and/or have dogs that are consistent with basic obedience commands. We will work on preparing you and your dog to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test (CGC), which will be given in week 6.  The CGC Award is recognition that your dog has training and behaviors to make him a "good citizen" at home and in the community. If interested in learning more or to sign up for the next session, please call Kara Firnrohr at 781-293-7567 .
Kara will instruct the class weeks 1 through 5 . Week 6 is the test .
  • The Canine Good Citizen test comprises the following : 
  • Accepting a friendly stranger
  • Sitting politely for petting
  • Appearance and grooming
  • Out for a walk
  • Walking through a crowd
  • Sit and down on command - staying in place
  • Coming when called
  • Reaction to another dog
  • Reaction to distractions
  • Supervised separation
  • Purebred and mixed breed dogs are welcome.    For more information,
     visit the American Kennel Club website at  www.akc.org


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