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Karen with her Dog B.O.N.E.S. certified Reading Team and Therapy dog, CABO.
He was adopted in 2008 at 11 months of age.- he  crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2014 but he forever holds a special place in Karen’s heart.

Karen Lanoue-Lambrecht C.P.D.T.-K.A., aCBBC

Owner,Trainer PAWS-itively Obedient

Professional Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Certified Professional Dog Trainer-K.A. – #003680
Canine Good Citizen Evaluator – #5488
Associate Certified Behavior Consultant IAABC
Karen Lanoue-Lambrecht is the head instructor and owner of PAWS-itively Obedient. Karen graduated from Becker Junior College in 1976, where she received an Associate of Science degree in the Veterinary Assistant Program. She was a veterinary technician at Angell Memorial Hospital for nearly seven years. While there she became interested in dog training as she had acquired an untrained 9 month old American Eskimo pup who had numerous behavior problems. Karen took him to a companion class given by Dr. Amy Marder, an animal behaviorist-veterinarian at Angell Memorial Hospital.

 Soon after completing the course Karen asked to monitor the classes to learn more. She became seriously interested in behavior/training and was offered a job as a training assistant for Dr. Marder’s classes.

She fueled her interest by attending classes and reading books by other trainers. Karen has received national certification as a professional dog trainer. Karen’s philosophy was guided by the positive reinforcement techniques taught by Dr. Ian Dunbar a noted behaviorist and veterinarian. He started an Association of Pet Dog Trainers in 1993 of which Karen is a current member. Their mission is to build better trainers through education. Karen embraces that mission and believes that through her instruction she can build more knowledgeable dog owners.

Karen moved to Marshfield in 1995 and found there was not much of a choice in training classes for owners and their puppies. She started her own business and offered outdoor classes through the Norwell Recreation Department. Karen now offers in home instruction from 9 weeks of age to adult and offers Puppy K levels I & II,Good Manners Levels I & II classes at locations in Pembroke. Special classes for Hide and Seek-Sniff It (scent class) ,Novice Rally, Intro to Agility and Canine Good Citizen are offered numerous times throughout the year also.

Karen’s instruction classes are recommended by her satisfied clients and many local veterinarians and the Yankee Golden Retriever Club.

Call :617-413-1510 for Private in home instruction and consultation.

Jackie Kelleher, CVT, CPDT-KA, CCRP

CPDT-K.A. certificate # 1081562
CGC Evaluator
Trainer, Paws-itively Obedient

I started working with Karen in March of 2001 as a training assistant on Saturday mornings. Many years later, I am still dedicated to puppies/dogs and their owners! I am a Certified Veterinary Technician and work full time as a Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner at VCA South Shore Animal Hospital. I have two Labrador Retrievers, Maggie and Monte Carlo.

Training for Karen is fun for me. I get my “puppy fix” and an amazing opportunity to help people understand their dog’s behavior and how to deal with it. I have one dog that has graduated from Karen’s classes and one that hasn’t, and the difference between the two is amazing! The bond you develop with your dog through this type of training is something that you can feel really proud of.

Kara Firnrohr C.P.D.T.-K.A.

CPDT –K.A. certificate # 1081559
CGC Evaluator # 43103

Trainer, Paws-itively Obedient

Back in 2002 I found myself the proud owner of my second yellow Labrador retriever. Hannah was a sweet little pup who loved to cuddle and was a great companion to Chelsea, my 2 year old Lab. Her personality inspired me to want to do therapy work with her so I needed a professional trainer.

I found Karen Lanoue – Lambrecht and Paws-itively Obedient and I never left.

Karen’s lessons of using patience, respect, treats, play and relationship building to train Hannah got me hooked! A couple of months after completing class, I contacted Karen and asked if she needed an assistant and she was willing to take me in.

Fast forward several years and here I am. My dogs, Chelsea and Hannah have both learned agility and Hannah not only earned her therapy dog certificate but also her Canine Good Citizen and her Rally Obedience Novice title. Training my dogs has become a joy and I love the opportunity I now have to share all that knowledge with you!

During the day I work full time for a transfer agency in the financial services industry. I have done corporate training in this field but training people and their puppies/dogs is more fun!

Janice Gifford – C.P.D.T.-K.A.

CPDT-K.A. certificate # 1185279
CGC Evaluator #94102
Fear Free Certified Professional
Trainer, Paws-itively Obedient

My love for training began in 1993 when I first watched the movie “Free Willy.”  I was in awe at not only the behaviors that Willy could do with his trainer, but also the relationship that developed between the two of them. After that movie, I knew what I wanted to do with my life – become an animal trainer. In 2008, I graduated from USF in Tampa with a degree in Psychology focusing in animal behavior. I had several internships and volunteer positions at various aquariums from 2009 – 2013 including Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Mystic Aquarium, and Coral World Ocean Park. During those years my love for positive reinforcement training flourished!

After making the decision to stay in MA in 2014, I stumbled upon Karen and PAWS-itively Obedient. I immediately fell in the love with the way she was using positive reinforcement training to help people and their dogs! She graciously allowed me to observe, then volunteer, and then assist. While I had a vast knowledge of positive reinforcement training, learning behavior specific to dogs was new. In 2018 I became a certified professional dog trainer and started instructing my own group classes and private lessons.

I am now an advocate for appropriate puppy socialization AND positive reinforcement training. I strive to help owners enjoy training as much as I do! It really should be FUN for you and your dog to learn together while creating a bond that will last forever. I believe in a fear free, no force approach. You truly are able to accomplish great things with a little consistency, patience, dedication, and of course, MOTIVATION!